SuiteCRM / SugarCRM As Ticketing System

SuiteCRM is a free and open source Customer Relationship Management application. It looks like by default, SuiteCRM SugarCRM doesn’t include a “ticketing system” unless you have the premium version. The Cases module is very like a ticketing system but it not ticketing system.

One thing we would like for it to customized it to run an Pure IT Ticketing system. Support you are company and you like to add a ticket , check progress/status and see ticket history. So they can create and we can add to it, or create it ourselves. They can check the progress status etc.




A collaborative ticketing system

has the right set of features to enable collaboration across teams and voip system. Features like teams, and notes, along with voice call integrations make communication effective and enjoyable.

Automatically prioritize and assign tickets

Create workflows to automatically prioritize tickets based on their importance. For example, workflows can be set depending on the subject priority.

Capture relevant customer information

With CRM ticket forms, you can tweak the fields in a ticket to collect information of customer that will help you understand the issue better. You can add new fields or modify existing ones and ensure your ticket form collects all the relevant data required.

Integration with calling system

  • Call Popup shown on Inbound/Outbound calls, provide you multiple action features – like open contact,Account , display call information and call Hangup. It checks Caller ID of the calling person against Contact and Accounts and show link of them.

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive reporting ensure you’re able to keep track of the health of your customer support at all times.




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