SuiteCRM Asterisk Integration

SuiteCRM Asterisk Integration (SugarCRM  / SuiteCRM Call Center)  provides asterisk call center integration. Once SuiteCRM Asterisk  installed. It provides one click dial within SuiteCRM for contact records. A pop-up screen  to show customer information when call has been listed on the asterisk system. It has option to create call notes linking them with the contact  items. For unknown numbers, you have option to add the caller either as a Lead or Contact as well as call monitoring / logging with asterisk call center. However  it explores all functionality of asterisk crm .

suitecrm asterisk integration

suitecrm asterisk integration.


 SuiteCRM Asterisk Integration Features :

  •  It Initiate call from Contact and Account module on single click.
  •  Call popup  show for Inbound and Outbound calls. Furthermore it show call direction.
  • It provide you multiple features. For instance open contact record , display call information and hangup option.
  • It checks Caller ID of the call against contact and show call link.
  • Once call is dialing or coming, the information on the contact will be opened in popup.
  • Call Transfer option to transfer call to other agent.
  • Complete call logs history in calls modules. For instance (call type, hangup by, hangup cause and wait time).
  •  Allow to add new Notes for call . It show previous notes against related call in popup.
  •  Easy to setup and configure  Module.
  • Allow admin to configure Asterisk settings for SugarCRM / SuiteCRM.
  • All asterisk calls get logged into SuiteCRM in call module that relate to phone call.
  •  Once call end, call recording will automatically created. After that, the call record associate with SuiteCRM Call Module .
  • It support All asterisk, Sugarcrm , SuiteCRM, freepbx and Elastix versions.
  • Allow admin to add User extension for each user.

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